I'm a software engineer.

A brief and honest profile

Willing and eager to learn, but I know my stuff.
I consider and treat everyone as equals. Do likewise.
Easy going and direct. Focused on result, but want to keep work fun.
I believe that everything is possible. No obstructions — only options.
I'm the kind of guy that if asked: "is that possible", would probably answer with yes.
Not only focused on punching code, but also on improving business processes with a touch of automation.

I used to write quite a lot of PHP code and thus did quite some web development: front and back end. Recent years i've switched to C# and currently .NET core, however for some projects i still like to switch back and forth.
Pretty much all-round, not scared to try out the impossible and switch from the usual. The right tool for the right job. I prefer web related techniques. I don't consider myself a full-stack software engineer. But I'll manage.

I could write a whole list of experiences with techniques used, programming languages and so on. But I don't. Just send me an email and i'll come back to you. Or follow me on instagram. Please keep in mind that I don't own a LinkedIn nor Facebook account.