Me in a couple of seconds

I do not really like to talk about myself. In case the description below does not suffice (you), please contact me for more information. I'm a mediocre-experienced (plus-minus 14 years) software-engineer. I am holding a bachelor's degree in computer science and a master's degree in data-driven design. I attempt to solve a range of problems by creating elegant and practical software solutions. I've developed myself into a solution-driven software-engineer. My primary skill is to identify critical problems, transform these into smaller manageable issues, and then design and develop applicable (software) solutions, preferably with (my) team members. My mindset is that everything can be solved — one way or the other. Furthermore, my motivation, passion, and focus on team performance make me strive to continue experiments with new and ongoing technologies. My current focus lies on distributed web-service architecture(s) and platform orchestration, plus somewhat everything related (but not limited to), e.g., CI/CD, AI, ML, distributed data, data laws, etc. With my passion and expertise I try to create exciting user experiences through alternative and experimental user interfaces, such as voice and gestures. However, these experiments are rather non-professional and mostly turn into forever concepts. The insights and lessons learned from these projects often end up in production environments.

My motivation and view on building software

I believe that in software engineering there is no perfect nor single solution. Software can't solve all organizational, social or personal problems. Simply said: it's not magic. Furthermore, understanding and managing the process of transforming business or personal problems to applicable software solutions is actually quite hard and often misunderstood and therefore executed wrong. Through these misunderstanding issues, problems occur such as unable to deliver, hopes (on) and dreams and much more. In my role, i try to provide understandable and achievable solutions. Why create something you do not need? Some colleagues call me pretty hardcore in my field, but i try to explain it as the balance between (...) problems and IT.

Curriculum Vitae

I decided to not publicly list my CV. If you need to receive more professional information about me, send me a message. I (just) do not like the idea that my CV is floating around on the internet. Some key elements of my resume are as follows:

  • Bachelor in computer science, master in data-driven design;
  • Living in The Netherlands;
  • Software-engineer.