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Mediocre-experienced (~ fourteen years — some call it senior, some call it medior 🤷‍♂️) software engineer, got a bachelor's degree 👨‍🎓 in computer science, and a master's degree 👨‍🎓 in data-driven design. I attempt to solve problems by creating elegant and effective software solutions. My current focus is on distributed micro/web-service architecture(s) and platform orchestration, plus somewhat everything related, e.g., CI/CD, distributed data, etc. Further, I concentrate on creating exciting user experiences through alternative and experimental user interfaces, such as voice and gestures.

Professional profile

During my ongoing career, I've developed myself in a solution-driven software engineer. My primary skill is to identify critical organizational problems, transform these into smaller manageable issues, and then design and develop applicable (software) solutions. My mindset is that everything can be solved — one way or the other. Problems are not universally approachable or solvable. They require tailored development and solving solutions to provide the best possible solution. Finally, I'm motivated, passionate, and not afraid to experiment with new technologies.

So, where's my CV?

It's not publicly available, however, some key elements include: